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We are a free-to-use service tackling air pollution for all London schools

Poor air quality is a public health crisis and a cause of inequality in our city. It can cause strokes, heart attacks, asthma, dementia and smaller lung capacity in our children. Bold measures introduced by the Mayor of London have already cut the number of state schools with illegal levels of harmful NO2 pollution by 97 per cent - from 455 schools in 2016 to just 14 in 2019 - but more can be done.

Did you know a 20% reduction in NO2 can improve children’s ability to learn by 3 weeks in one year.


The London Schools Pollution Helpdesk is a free-to-use service, funded by the Mayor of London, to support schools across our city to take action on air pollution.



Supported by the Mayor of London


We're here to help support you by providing:


  • one-to-one expert advice on improving air quality in and around your school;
  • help to develop a bespoke clean air action plan with prioritised actions;
  • support in reducing traffic outside your school gate;
  • resources to support teaching air quality in the curriculum;
  • practical, easy-to-follow resources to help you tackle poor air quality in and around your school;
  • direction towards funding streams and even help you write and complete applications.


We're here to help you overcome barriers to clean air for your school, in any way we can.


Get in touch with us now to see how we can help you.


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Helpful resources


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We have worked with academics and schools to ensure our resources are based on the latest evidence, and are as accessible and practical as possible for busy teachers to use.


The most useful resource to help you tackle air pollution is the Clean Air for Schools Framework. Fill in a short survey describing your school’s context to receive a tailored action plan with expert resources on tackling dirty air.


The plan will cover areas like reducing traffic-based pollution around your school, improving heating and ventilation systems within your school, and educational resources around air quality for your pupils.


For additional teaching resources, assembly packs, social media resources and much more, take a look at Clean Air Day.

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The Mayor of London commissioned air quality audits in 50 primary schools in the city's most polluted areas, followed by £500,000 funding to deliver on their recommendations. Read more here and see how the schools audit toolkit could help you.


Hospitals, schools and businesses across London will be able monitor levels of air pollution in their local area, as the Mayor launches a new network of sensors at key locations as part of his Breathe London air quality monitoring project.


For in-depth data on air quality in London, including mobile apps, maps and resources please visit Air Quality England and London Air.


The comprehensive, robust Air filtration's impact in Nurseries study undertaken in Nurseries in London shows air filtration units can be an effective tool in improving air quality for children.


The report on using Green Infrastructure to Protect People from Air Pollution offers detailed guidance on when and how to use hedging, green walls, green roofs and other green infrastructure to improve the air quality around your school.


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